BeInFit - Questions You Might Want to Ask About Us

BeInFit is at the forefront of the fitness revolution, creating a unique ecosystem powered by AI technology. We're dedicated to connecting wellness enthusiasts with the optimal resources for their fitness journey.

BeInFit - Questions You Might Want to Ask About Us

Who are you?

BeInFit is a platform and community that helps both coaches and fitness enthusiasts in the UK. We match high achievers with the best coaches who train them to reach their goals quickly and safely. 

I’m a coach. Why should I join you?

Because we can assist you with finding new clients to begin with. Fitness enthusiasts who join our community want more than just exercise. They are looking for someone to help them reach their goals and they are serious about it. To connect them to you, the best trainers in the country is our mission.

Once you get clients you need to manage your business. We know how hard managing can be and we encourage coaches in our community to focus on what they're good at — training. We revolutionize the way trainers manage their businesses with the power of AI. Our platform helps trainers with appointment scheduling, subscription management, and secure payments.

Do sports. We'll do the dirty work.

I am a fitness enthusiast. Why should I join you?

Join us if you want to improve your results, set some goals and achieve them. We match high achievers with the best coaches in the UK. Just check out their profiles on our website, choose the one that you believe will help you to reach your goal and send them a message. 

Nice community also won’t hurt, right? We offer our members, both coaches and enthusiasts, access to our online community where they can find the latest fitness trends, advice and share their journeys. 

I don’t have any big goals. I just want to stay fit. Is it still possible to join the club?

Sure, you’re more than welcome. Just be ready to be trained by top coaches anyway ;)

Is it free?

Our platform is almost free for fitness enthusiasts.

Coaches can choose one of our subscription plans and get a variety of services for different amounts. Check out the plans here.

Do you have an app?

Currently, we are available only on this website. But the fun has just begun.

Stay tuned! And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram